Saturday, September 29, 2012

pissy pooters

Hello all, I know it has been a while, but we have had trying times in the rainingsheep camp! Of course most of you have met Tencents, my kitty, featured many times over on my blog in the past few years. Tencents will be sixteen in a few months and we have been experiencing a few, ahem, 'geriatric issues' over the last month. Pissy pooters, as we love to call her, has decided to pee and poo all over the entire house while I was gone to the Philippines during the past few weeks. Aside from the stench that cat urine delivers, Tencents has just appeared not happy. I took her to the vet and she has a significant urinary tract infection but also her kidneys are indicating renal failure. It may be the infection is causing this, it may also be that the renal failure is causing this infection. We won't know for another the meantime any advice on getting rid of cat pee smell would be much appreciated. Of course I am devastated by this. Kitty has been with me since after my divorce; she has been through all the trying times, good times, all the aggravating men in the very early dating years... in other words she is my constant! I don't even want to consider the possible outcome here.

Otherwise I have been in the Philippines -  a rather trying trip this time around...I really feel tired, and whiny.  I think also my wrinkles have multiplied over the past month! I am sure y'all go through such moments. Time for a facial and wine with a good girlfriend! I need to get back to many of you to thank you for your lovely comments on the last post - please be patient with me.

Have a wonderful weekend.