Sunday, October 7, 2012

happy thanksgiving!

I am spending thanksgiving with my parents who live on Vancouver Island. I was visiting with their neighbour who has the most wonderful little patio outside her side door - you gotta love the slippers on the coffee table. She lives in a 100-year old school house. I was served tea in the most wonderful vintage china cups.  I love coming to the Island, it just has this specific smell of the ocean that I adore.

My mom is not doing too well; but, it's her 80th birthday in a few days and I am glad to be here to celebrate. My kitty is doing better; but we won't find out for three more weeks what is up with her. I am hoping for good news but realize she is an 'older' cat! Thank you for all your nice comments of concern.

More and more I realize how important it is to celebrate all the good moments in life. Have you noticed that people that seem to live wonderful, meaningful lives are positive people and live simply? Just a thought!

Happy Thanksgiving!