Saturday, November 17, 2012

gracious living - aging with elegance and joie de vivre

Lately I have been drawn to blogs that focus on what I call 'gracious living'. I don't know if I am starting to feel old and want to slow life down...but, I am pre-occupied with living every moment with quality. Recently I stumbled on a blog called live the charmed life and there is a list of 100 ways to age with grace, elegance and joie de vivre. Here is the link to the post - 100 ways.... Because I know some of you are naughty and will not go to link there :), I am listing out some of the points that are most meaningful to me from the list - this is a bit long - but here goes.

- celebrate every birthday with friends, family and champagne
- practice yoga
- smile more often
- keep up your appearance
- learn to overcome your personal demons
- accept there never really was any one else to blame
- forget what you are supposed to do
- eat more salmon
- eat dessert more often
- embrace your age
- have regular facials
- drink more water
- wear lovely lingerie
- set goals for each decade
- get enough sleep
- spend time with friends
- don't dress frumpy
- retain an air of mystery, let others seek the spotlight
- splurge on cashmere
- forgive yourself
- now is the time to give up regrets
- drink champagne more often
- don't mention menopause
- exfoliate
- keep wearing lipstick
- less has never been more than now
- stop worrying about tomorrow
- now is the time to use your good china everyday
- make a list of all the inelegant things you see old people do and be certain to not do them yourself...

and here is my essential go-to list of blogs that encourage gracious and/or simple living:

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