Saturday, December 29, 2012

crossing over

I am a resolution-maker. Every year I make resolutions, typically carry through half of them and the rest are placed in the recycle bin. This year I am ready to try a new approach - instead of focusing on specific 'things' I will do, accomplish and then often fail at - I will approach 2013 with a personal philosophy to frame the year in. My 2013 mantra is as follows:

 "the only one who can make my life look the way I want it to, is me, myself and I"

Starting with that premise, I accept that all the things that I want to cultivate in this coming year stem from my actions and my desire for accomplishment. I know I want to work differently, I want to shop differently, live my days more in the moment and a gazillion other worthy things. All that takes daily practice and ritual and so my resolution for 2013 is to start the journey and find my own rhythms.

After that deep conversation, all I can say is if I see another sugary thing or fattening meal I will throw up - literally! Hence I am GENTLY starting a nice detox - maca smoothies, green juice (the yummy kind), anise herbal tea, clean food etc. etc. - you all know the drill!

 Happy 2013 and see you all on the other side.