Saturday, December 22, 2012

so this is Christmas

And so Christmas is officially here. I did not think it would arrive in my home this year. I was in the Philippines for over two weeks - nothing was decorated and when I came home I was so jet-lagged and tired I did not feel like doing a thing. However, I decided I love Christmas too much to not partake, so I hauled my butt to the garden centre, got a new tree (my first green tree in many years...could not find a white one) and decorated. All feels well with the world!!

It has been difficult staying true to this space and blogging. I keep toying with the idea of stopping blogging altogether because I never seem to get here anymore. When I am home and not working, I mostly want to do nothing; have no obligations. However, I love my little corner of the Internet and the most I can do is get to it when I can. So the posts will be few but I will keep connected. Hopefully, one day I will have more time to become a model blogger again.

Have yourselves a wonderful holiday season and may 2013 be filled with love and happiness.

Hugs xoxoxo