Sunday, January 20, 2013

a whole lot of green today...and change 3

There is a lot of green going on here this weekend. Well...except for Tencents, she is not green nor does she have to be drinking green juice or eating green food like me. I decided to take matters into hand this week and do a three day cleanse. I am almost at the end of the third day and it feels good. I was, for some reason, incapable of getting back on track after the holidays so I decided that a concentrated effort to recharge my eating habits was in order. Green juice, green smoothies, yummy salads and a rather disgusting green soup have been my staples since Friday. I do feel better and will slowly transition into a sensible diet, still following some cleansing habits over the next three weeks. If you are wondering what detox diet I used, it was a guided detox included in my Hungry for Change Book.

There is also a fantastic, what I think is a more reasonable cleasing program, at Martha Stewart's Whole Living website. It has great recipes and juices, which I will incorporate into our diet over the next few weeks.

My change this week was 'walking'. This was a great change to incorporate into my week. Aside from eating bad food, I have been doing nothing. I have a great treadmill downstairs, so I started my program with just 10 minutes per day. It was hard to get going but I am regularly doing 20 minutes to 30 minutes each day now and it feels great to be moving again. And yes...I am still doing my 3 minute meditations and my 10 minute focused tasks. It does start to all feel like a habit after awhile.

Happy weekend peeps!