Sunday, January 6, 2013

...and time moves past a moment (change 1)

For some reason the candies and cookies are persistently still here; each day I resolve not to eat them...each day I fail and pop something sugary in my mouth...guiltily. It's true - sugar is addictive - the more you eat the more you crave it. I was reading zen habits and Leo Babauta, the author of this fantastic blog, wrote a little book called "52 Changes". You commit to one change a week, sometimes...well, most times, in a small way. You don't need to do all 52 changes but this little tome slices things up for you, making seemingly huge changes seem possible.

This past week the change was meditation, it's the first change, one that underpins all the rest. Leo says "do only two minutes each day". I know I can do something for two minutes, so I put some meditation music on, I focus on some unknown woman, maybe me, standing in a beam of light, long hair flowing, she is on a beach and she is powerful, the waves surround her, her hands lift...the timer goes off and the two minutes are up. I do three minutes each day because after a while you crave that bit of time to breathe and picture yourself in the sunbeam on a beach, powerful enough to do your desire!!

Try it...two minutes!