Saturday, January 12, 2013

someday is not a day of the week (change 2)

I am not certain who coined the phrase in my title...but I know that for some reason I put off doing things that seem hard, or tedious, or uncomfortable - but that have to be done no matter how I pretend they will disappear from my world. I will find a thousand other things do that just feel so much nicer (like staring out the window and drinking tea) and procrastinate until panic sets in. My most productive moment is always 'the last minute'. Needless to say, this creates untold stress in my life...and apparently causes wrinkles!! So....I hate wrinkles, as such, my change for the past week was to tackle procrastination.

Of course I turned to Leo's 52 Changes book (the man is starting to have guru proportions in my brain) for advice. So simple - set a timer for 10 minutes and just work at the daunting task, whatever it may be until you hear the ding (or a sound of a harp if you have an iPhone). Only focus on that task, it's the most important task in the world, and you only have to do it for ten minutes - so...focus!

Well, you know works. And the best part is once you actually start the unpleasant whatever-it-is, you feel good and you are even tempted to do this 10-minute exercise more than once in a thing you know your task is completed.

Happy unprocrastinating!