Saturday, February 9, 2013

things that matter (change 5 and 6)

I know I missed posting last week...last week was intense. Last week was about new life, a reckoning of  the things that are important and self preservation.  I know.... big week.  Last week on Friday I became a nana!! I have been gifted with the most beautiful grandson in the world...absolutely...the most beautiful baby boy born ever...and so last weekend was about him.

Last week I was so busy at work that I thought I would actually have some kind of a breakdown... I worked my workday, my evenings, my weekends and it is all around crappy is what I have to say...and it's not letting up. So appropriately my fifth change was identifying the most important things. What really matters to me... and focus on doing only those things that will help me realize my list.  Identify your essentials, cut out all the rest. Don't make the list long because you will lose your focus. Wanna know my essentials?

~ financial freedom - because independence and control of your life starts with that
~ a healthy lifestyle - because I don't think I have that drilled down yet and it matters
~ a peaceful mind - because nowadays I can't sleep and I am way too stressed

Change 6 was mindful eating. I rarely eat junk but I will confess I failed that change this week. Fortunately this is a change you can practice your entire life. I love how Leo goes about it:  choose one meal a day and focus on mindful eating on that one meal for a week. So take breakfast for example, make it healthy, think about what you are eating and how you can improve the nutrition, don't eat fast, enjoy your food. Expand from there.

Have a great weekend!