Saturday, April 27, 2013


Finally the weather has decided to cooperate around here...for the first time this year, I was able to go sit outside. It was warm, albeit very windy, but still peeps.... that first glass of wine on the patio is the most divine moment. It was also my first, absolutely crazy, week of work. All I know is I woke up Monday morning and the next moment I had a chance to take a was Friday. So far, so good.

Ever get that exhilarated feeling come over you when you are blissfully happy and just enjoying 'being'? I love that feeling - I felt that feeling sitting outside, savouring my glass of white and realizing I did not have to look at my phone for work related emails every five minutes like I used to three months ago.  I just felt so at peace and happy. I know these moments are not always present but that is what makes them so wonderful when they do happen.

Lately I feel like I am reconnecting with living!

Happy weekend