Monday, April 8, 2013

i know, i know

Sometimes life just has a blip....sorry, I have been unexpectedly gone for a while... but my journey decided to take a little off-road route and, well, I am back. So without further ado:

My job and I parted ways because I got tired of working 80 hour weeks, got tired of waking up every morning feeling sick because I had to go to work, I was tired of feeling like I would lose my mind, I hated the extra weight I gained from the stress of it all; and so,

I took a whole bunch of time to work on my changes - I did yoga, decluttered, made life plans, flossed every day, paid off bills, worked on my finances, shovelled snow, read many books, ate good food, connected with friends, lost a bit of weight, spent time with my loved ones; and,

...then I found a new job, one that is more "me" - I won't have to work 80 hours a week - the best part is I don't start for two more weeks; and so,

I went to Mexico - Baja California del Sur to be exact and spent time with a friend laying in the sun, walking on the beach, drinking copious amounts of margaritas and wine, eating good food, contemplating life and coming to terms with what is truly meaningful to me; and

for the next two weeks, I will shop for new suits, continue my diet, enjoy sitting in coffee shops during what would be a work day, read more books, count my many blessings and savour every moment.

Cheers all.