Sunday, May 19, 2013

long weekending

I love, LOVE, long weekends! Happy days...especially when one has a job where you no longer need to look at your phone for email every five minutes. We gardened, lazed around on the sofa, cooked yummy food, ran 5 km, drank wine with the sister ... all around goodness. I realize there is a bit of garden overload in the photos here but honestly peeps, great things are beginning to take place in our backyard. The Babe was digging, ripping out sod, lifting heavy will come tree-choosing and daylily planting etc. - lots to do but all so very good. Tencents, who was sick again, is all good now aside from the odd hissing episodes at any male who happens to remind her of "The Vet". The first photo with the happy Buddha really says it all.

I am traveling for work over the next month, so posting has and will be a bit sporadic. However, it's always nice to post when I actually have some photos I am pleased with in the camera and when things are happening around the house. I have a feeling there will be many garden photos this summer.

Strange how life sometimes has a round-about-way to get one to Happy!