Saturday, June 22, 2013

after the rains came...

...a good portion of Calgary is under water this weekend...I am so lucky to live on a hill...I was spared the massive devastation that is a reality just seven minutes by car down the hill from me. 75,000 people displaced, evacuated from their homes...there are no words. Many roads are closed, downtown is a ghost town and it may be many days before I can return to the office. But in my neighbourhood it's as if nothing happened; the garden soaked in so much water and everything seems to have sprouted like a weed in the past two days of rains.

I was supposed to have a meet-up with this lovely lady but it was not meant to be - she was evacuated from her downtown hotel to a hotel very far from me and with many roads closed in between us. I am so disappointed! But I know there will be other opportunities. Can't help but think of the people worrying about their homes... many prayers going out to them.