Saturday, June 29, 2013

hello, it's mr. sun...I have arrived

Happy Canada Day weekend peeps!'s hot and wonderful. The garden is blooming like crazy, we have finished one more side and I planted so many perennials. The big question always is, what will survive in our zone 2 - zone 3 environment? Every spring I hold my breath and hope that my favourites have made it through one more winter.

The Babe has been working 12 to 15 hour shifts in the flood affected neighbourhoods and is getting fed by an army of volunteers. Calgary is the most fabulous place; the only city I know of where after a disaster of major proportions the City of Calgary made a request for 600 volunteers for a specific series of tasks and THOUSANDS showed up. Since I am off the hook for making dinner I decided this was the perfect weekend to do a three day juice cleanse. This time I just purchased the juices from a local juicing business as I plan to spend the whole weekend gardening and don't want to have to juice a ton of fruit and veg.

I am almost finished day one. Here are my thoughts on how I feel and what I think of the cleanse:

the juices are very good
I am hungry
I am never doing this again
...but I will get through the next two days

 Happy weekend!