Monday, June 10, 2013


Things are moving along in the garden. Slowly the work is getting done, weekends fly by as we plant, seed, dig, remove dirt, create flower beds, anxiously water our new trees whispering sweet words of encouragement so they root and grow. I am beginning to have that "I love my garden" feeling, crave to be out there every free second and watch the rain with contempt (though I know the benefits it brings to the green life emerging everywhere). Tencents loves being outside with us but has started to pretend she is Marco Polo and we have had to retrieve her from the neighbours yard. Hence she is banned to the house as we toil in the dirt - as you can see, life is tough for the feline variety.

Lots of traveling for work - I am off to New York tomorrow and then no more business travel for the summer.  I can settle into lazy weekends, playing in the garden and contemplating what else can be done to bring it to the next level....there is always the next level, right?