Saturday, July 6, 2013

...after the cleanse

So, many people asked me about how I felt after my juice cleanse....I did complete the three day cleanse; can't say I felt any miraculous change. I was hungry and really missed food. I thought about food all the time especially in the afternoon. For some reason mornings were easy with juice. I lost about two pounds, which I put immediately back on after I started eating my normal diet. I also noticed my stomach was flatter during that three days - which clearly proves to me that I tend to be puffier in that area when I eat carbs.

Maybe because my diet is already quite healthy, I did not have some great epiphany of well-being as some people seem to have when they do these cleanses - I really did not feel like it made that much difference to my overall well-being. I am not certain I would do it again - it was expensive. I would consider doing a one day juice cleanse every few weeks as I did enjoy that feeling of "lightness" I got after the first day, but anything prolonged  is definitely not on my agenda. The one thing I did like - and I know you will all laugh at this - was that I felt so liberated in not having to cook for three days. If anything, that was the most cleansing part of it all.

Overall, I am glad I did it and got it out of my system as it has been on my bucket list of things to try.