Sunday, July 21, 2013

backyard parables - a most necessary book

I have written about Margaret Roach's book I shall have some peace there back in 2011 though I cannot locate the write-up in my archives - must learn to tag things! I have purchased her most recent book entitled Backyard Parables. Really, I just love that title because I knew right away that this would be a book I could read in snippets and mull over each paragraph in the same pleasurable way as sucking on a delicious watermelon jolly rancher. Of course, Margaret's writing never disappoints. How can you not love these words in her preface:

"In the practice of blind devotion to living things called gardening, that is where I got started; assuming a posture of supplication and gridding out an alternating arrangement of plants that should never be combined, but what did I know?"

I have become seriously obsessed about my garden now that it is, with the help of The Babe, reincarnated into something beautiful. The thing is - Margaret is right - the gardening experience, passion, sickness, whatever monicker one wants to attach to it, is a lesson of parables about existence, growth, change and sometimes death. Things alway die in the garden, especially when you garden in a zone 2/zone 3 area and sometimes you just cannot resist buying that zone 4 perennial! Oh how I envy those in the higher level zones, but I stubbornly dig in the dirt every year hoping that something will survive the brutal winter and re-emerge brand new in the spring.

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