Sunday, July 28, 2013


The daylilly - so many sophisticated gardeners scoff at this flowering plant occupying much space in a garden. I like what Dawn Vaessen writes in her Perfect Perennials for the Prairie Gardener ~Every Saturday gardener should own this plant. Few perennials exist that have tropical-like blossoms, glossy foliage and the ability to be happy in almost every condition.~ Happy in almost every condition is such a powerful series of words.

I browse blogs where there are so many cool people, doing cool things, sometimes I wish I was them - of course often that requires a lot of money. But to be happy in almost every condition means that you create your own version of 'cool'. I love to sit down and write out what I want my life to look like - for real that is! That moment of setting it down on paper makes is all appear more doable.