Saturday, November 2, 2013


Every November a melancholy settles over me…usually I get like this three times a year: November, late January and April, when the snow loves to stick around even though it's no longer wanted. November is also my birthday (thankfully towards the end of this miserable month, so currently I am still only 51!). Today is our second dump of snow reminding me that I live in winter land and makes me browse blogs of lucky peeps who live in paradise i.e. southern California.

Times like this I always fall back to the lovely blog of DeeAnne White of Live the charmed life. Her "100 lists" are full of empowering advice and self-help tidbits and heck…it just makes me feel better. My favourite two lists are the 100 reasons to elegantly uncomplicated your life and 100 ways to live slow. These are, in my opinion, a must read if you feel life is a bit stagnant or out of control or, if like me, you just have the blahs!

Happy weekend all!