Sunday, January 19, 2014

another tulip season

Do you all see what is going on here….it's tulip season…finally! And can you believe your eyes? I am knitting again - socks, my favourite thing to knit. I take that as a sign that all is right with the world in my camp.

I am on a big financial independence (FI) kick this year. I have been reading Mr. Money Mustache and now am inspired to retire (in my sort of way) as soon as possible. Last time I did a detailed post on finances I had some haters in my comments…well, since I no longer have comments I can just write what I feel. After all, this is my blog so I can write what I want to (is there a song with that title?).

Let me just begin by saying that I think we spend way too much money here in North America and that propensity to consume keeps us in jobs, situations and is the cause of obligations that make us feel unhappy and very stressed. Now…. I like my job, but there is something seriously kickass knowing you only work because you really really want to - not because you have to. That is the place I want to be.  Hence this path. What got me here? Well, it was those images on the news from the United States during "Black Friday" with people fighting over televisions at Walmart - why is it always Walmart? And how many televisions do we really need? And then the same newscast had a story on how people are working into their 70s because they can't retire….what gives?

This first half of January I started by cutting out a lot of unnecessary and socking some pennies into my investment accounts. Then I bought a few shares of index stocks. One of my challenges to myself is to see how little I can spend in a pay period (outside of bills) and how much I can grow that money in my index stocks over the next twelve months.  I want money working for me instead of me working for my money! Ha! Love the way that sounds.

p.s. I won't go crazy frugalistic, FI is a journey and for me sustainability of a change is all about balance - I allow myself $5.00 a week for something completely frivolous - this week it's the tulips :)