Sunday, January 5, 2014

cold in the city

As usual I am doing my "after the binging" cleanse. Five days…just juice! All I can think about is chewing something, anything. Lots of material out there on juice cleanses both pro and con. Not sure about my views…but, what I find is that a cleanse resets my brain to remember what normal food and normal portions are all about. During the holidays, I eat so much and drink more than normal and it's almost like your body gets used to it and now you have to slam it back to reality. After my juice cleanse anything feels like a lot of food - even small portions and everything tastes awesome!

The same thing with finances - when I spend money prior to the holidays, sometimes it's hard to stop. So I usually have a shopping diet for the first two or three months of the New Year. No shopping for anything I don't need. Instead, I purge my house of crap and if I really feel the need for some kind of treat, I use my cherished Chapters Indigo gift cards my loved ones give me as gifts, and buy myself a treasured book of some kind. I focus on finding pleasure from little rituals rather than lots of food or shopping. Going cold turkey like that for several months is not for the weak - it is HARD people, but, ever so worth it.