Sunday, February 2, 2014


Comforts of home - for me it is avocado on toasted multi-grain bread with some sea salt sprinkled on top. I also put vegan mayonnaise on the bottom. I like vegan mayonnaise - lower in calories and when spread in a thin layer on a piece of toast, I cannot really tell the difference from the real thing.

As mentioned in my New Years post, I am on a big financial makeover this year and January has gone very well. One thing I am trying to do, which is a total pain but ever so enlightening, is to write down what I spend my money on. I was reading on a finance blog that  many people have no idea of how much they are really spending each year and that lack of information does make it difficult to know what they will need per year in income when they retire.

The big challenge is shopping. I am not an over-the-top shopper, but I have never really thought about what I buy, I just buy stuff. Currently I am reading a great book, Stuffocation. I have a love hate relationship with stuff - I like nice things but I despise clutter almost to the point where I am OCD about it. I think though, that we buy too much stuff and we expect this stuff to make us happy - and it won't. I challenged myself to not buy anything except food and necessities and gave myself only $5 each week for some kind of a treat. I will  do this until the end of February. Amazes me how much extra money I have this month already. Consuming with conscience is good for your wallet - try it.