Monday, February 10, 2014

reclaiming time

Do you know what is more precious than anything - in my opinion - TIME! I have been reading the minimalists' blog recently and some of the essays challenged me to write out a list of the things that really matter to me. After reviewing the list, the item that stood out in each of my statements could be narrowed down to my desire to own my time - in fact I don't believe I have ever really owned my time.

I have either gone to school, where teachers directed my activities; or, I worked for a corporation where those above me owned my time during the best hours of the day…and well, that is still the case. Owning your time is the segue to personal power. Hence why creating your own income through savings is so important -  when your own money is working for you, rather than you working for money the balance of power then rests in your hands.

More free time
more time for myself
more time to be healthy
more time to create
more time to follow my passions
more time to be useful to others

…time is the thing I want the most and the only way to get it is to be able to work less …and that brings me back to financial independence.