Saturday, March 1, 2014

the tyranny of perfection

Half renovated, stuff everywhere, inefficient kitchen - sometimes our house drives me crazy. I want to sell it and buy something small, tiny and newer. And…then I realize it's all so perfectly imperfect and how much I love living here. It seems we constantly seek something different when in reality what we have is perfectly right.

When I glance in the corners I see things I love, I see a very happy kitty and I see the passage of time. Sometimes how a flower sits in vase or how a pillow is turned inspires me to take my camera out and capture the moment. This place will see changes over the next few years, but right now, at this moment it's all the way it should be. I realize that in this house I will never be a minimalist who owns only a 100 things, which just sounds so awesome sometimes, but it's all good the way it is.

I love freunde von freunden for decorating browsing because they show people's homes as they are - not all styled and fake!  Specifically, check out this home - absolutely wonderful!